Software Development Life Cycle Tailoring

Accepting the statements that “One Size does not fit all development activities" and  “It worked the last time does not ensure that it will work this time", leads to effectively tailoring the processes to support your current circumstances (resources, complexity, timeline, regulations & training).

Our cadre of seasoned Managers and Subject Matter Experts have both led and participated in numerous successful SDLC tailoring engagements.  We are poised to help your organization achieve and then sustain increasing success.  

Successful tailoring requires realistic inputs and expectations.   "The customer is always right" adage should be "The paying customer evaluates accurate alternatives and options and makes the final informed decision".  

SEAS consultants "Tell it like it is".  We are not a "Yes" organization but are in the business of helping organizations exceed their customer's expectations.  This involves presenting objective observations based upon years of successful projects from diverse organizations.  

The starting point for a successful development effort is a set of organizational policies and procedures that are Compliant to the Intent that provide a robust PLM Process allowing Tailoring to address specific project strengths, weaknesses and risks.

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