Design Controls

Developing and adhering to Design Controls provides the framework for Exceeding Customer Satisfaction and is equally applicable to both Regulated and Non-Regulated environments.  

Instituting effective Design Controls is the beginning of repeatability.  Embracing, Owning  and Executing Design Controls for the right reasons is the Path to success.  

Refining Design Controls through Application, Training, Lessons Learned, Audits and Customer Feedback is the road to Exceeding Customer Expectations and Satisfaction.  

SEAS brings considerable experience  tailoring the following controls specifically for your organization and organizational components.

·      Planning

·      Customer Needs

·      On-Going Reviews

·      Process and Tool Validations

·      Design Inputs

·      Design Outputs (Automated Continuous Build)

·      Automated Design Verification

·      Automated Design Validation

·      100% Traceability

·      Design Transfer

·      On Market Support

·      On-Going Design Change Management

·      On-Going Document Control

·      On-Going Training

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